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24. 07. 2018. 15:24

What are the many ways that each one of us can make that journey?

CCSVI seems to be confirmed as a major risk factor for MS, and is undoubtedly stronly associated with MS. Further research may prove its role to be even more central.Now let us take a look at CCSVI from a mind-body perspective... 
What else could a narrowing of veins in the neck and chest mean, but an attempt from the body to limit communication from mind to heart? Why would the body want to do that? 
Maybe the body was trying to protect the heart from overwheming pain which could result from full communication via the blood of painful insights in the mind...? This would make perfect sense in light of all the countless accounts we have of people who have had MS and relapses triggered by loss and by trauma of various kinds...
Now, how could an interpretation like this help us? well, how can we make a safe journey from head to heart in our lives, so we can find more space for whatever is needed to heal pain instead of blocking it by blocking the veins? What are the many ways that each one of us can make that journey?
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