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08. 08. 2018. 12:00

Is this a good solution to get me back in the saddle?

I've recently changed jobs and now I'm working about 3km from home, so perfectly reasonable cycling distance. A few years ago I had some heart trouble (I'm mid-fifties) and although I'm now fine, I'm 'banned' from doing anything too strenuous, so cycling up a steep hill would be too much. I'd really like to get back on two wheels though and would actually get some health benefits from that.
So... I've seen the G-Tech bike which has motor assist i.e. when you need some extra push, the motor cuts in and takes the strain. My commute would be on forest tracks, mostly uphill there and downhill back. That bike has a 30 mile range on one charge, which is fine. This seems ideal for someone like me, who doesn't have the leg power or the cardiovascular strength to be entirely self-propelled.
Is this a good solution to get me back in the saddle?, are there any alternatives I could look into?
Please help.
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