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08. 08. 2018. 11:54

what if you did lose them?

I've been thinking about the often-recommended practice around here of using untruthful answers to the security questions (mother's maiden name, make of first car, favorite pet, first girlfriend, etc). It would be easy to say that my first care was a "calculator", or similar. Or even that it was a "bi0&lrr4!s". But either way, I'd have to write it down and file it away. 
My question is what happens if for some reason far in the future I lose the answers to my security questions? Do I have to present myself to a brick and mortar location with three forms of ID? In the case of Vanguard, with almost no brick and mortar locations, what then? 
I know the best solution is not to lose the answers, have three backups, etc. But what if you did lose them?
Please help.
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Thank you.